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(no subject)
Walked home in the rain.

Willy Wonka reference on House.

Awesome day. Just awesome. :)

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Hello there!
I haven't talked to you in ages, but I do hope you're doing well. I'm sorry I'm such a lame person; I always lose touch with amazing people because I (in my roommate's terms) 'don't know how to be a real person.'
Byt anyways, I heard someone reference Adam ladypants Pascal today, and it suddenly brought me way way back because I haven't thought of RENT in ages, and I instantly thought of you. We should definitely catch up sometime, yes?

Hi! Sorry I didn't get to replying here sooner; I just finished school two days ago (forever... or at least until grad school) so things have been *crazy*, but not in a bad way. And yes! We do need to catch up. That's about all my catching up, though, I've been pretty dedicated to graduating--obviously!

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